Joystick For The Commodore 64No Commodore 64 collection would be complete without a Joystick or two.

Joysticks for the Commodore 64 allowed dynamic game play - no pressing keys to control your character - instead a simple movement of the stick or a press on a fire button would command your movements.

Whilst today we take joysticks for granted, back in the days of the Commodore 64, a decent joystick could often be the difference between winning and loosing a game. Commodore supplied their own version of a Joystick, but these were cheaply made and would often break.

We recommend a decent, third party joystick for the C64 - one with at least two buttons, and a microswitch design (these one's have an audible click in each direction). Another feature worth having is Autofire - these will save you from pressing fire continuously and do the job for you.

Check out the range of Commodore 64 Joysticks on eBay below.

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