Commodore 64 Cartridges

Commodore 64 CartridgeCartridges for the Commodore 64 were common, and were often bundled with new Commodore 64 Computer Systems.

The obvious advantage that Cartridges allowed was speed - just pop in the cartridge, turn on the computer and your program is instantly loaded. This was an attractive feature, and bypassed the need for a 3 minute disk load or a 20 minute load from tape.

There arn't as many titles available on C64 Cartridge as there are on tape or disk, but there's still a decent amount to collect. Also, many handy utilities came on cartridge, such as fast loading abilities (Disk load's in 10 seconds!), freeze frame features, and more. These cartridges, such as the Expert Cartridge, Action Replay and EPYX Fast Load Cartridges are quite rare, and still fetch a decent price.

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