Commodore 64 Computer

Commodore 64 ComputerThe original Commodore 64 was released in 1982, and became one of the worlds most popular selling computers.

The original price was $595 (US Dollars), and it sold approximately 12 - 17 Million units in it's lifetime, making it one of the worlds largest selling computers.

Around 10,000 titles were available, but the most popular usage for the C64 was for games. The C64 came packaged with a tape drive, or a disk drive. Being the cheaper option, the tape drive was popular, however software could take up to 20 minutes to load. The 1541 disk drive as also available as a more expensive option, which brought load times down to 3-5 minutes.

The Commodore 64 Computer came in two variants. The original breadbox version, which was brown in color and bulky, and the newer, Commodore 64C, which was a beige colored, streamlined version. Both have exactly the same functionality, the only difference being in design.

You can find a range of Commodore 64 Computers below.

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