Commodore 64 Datasette (Tape Drive)

Commodore DatasetteBehold, the original Commodore 64 Datasette Tape Drive!

Remember these? Dubbed the 'Datasette', these tape drives would take a normal tape, with a game or software on it. After entering the load command, the Commodore 64 would prompt you to 'Press Play On Tape'. Ten to Twenty minutes later, you'd have a program loaded, ready to go!

OK, ok... speed wasn't the winning factor here.  But the cheap format of Tape allowed for Commodore 64 based magazines to include a free tape on the cover of every issue, enabling fans to check out the latest game demo's & software. Also, you could use high speed dubbing to copy one tape to another! With the introduction of 'Turbo Tape', you could load a tape almost as fast as disk (Almost!)

Whilst a Commodore 1541 Floppy Disk Drive is a much faster option, there's no better way to relive your memories of the Commodore 64 then by loading a game up on tape! If you're without a Commodore 1530 / 1531 Datasette tape drive (or equivalent), you'll find some below.

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