Commodore 64 Disk Drive

The 1541 Floppy Disk Drive From CommodoreProbably one of the best features of the Commodore 64 was the ability to connect a 1541 Floppy Disk Drive unit to the computer. This allowed a great way to store a lot of games & software on a bunch of floppy disks that were compact and easy to store.

With each disk being able to hold around 340Kb (170Kb's per side), it was possible to store 8-16 decent sized programs on one floppy disk. Often, disks were copied, and people used any free space left over on a disk to store all kinds of programs. Sometimes these 'random programs' were a complete surprise!

There are two versions of the 1541 - the original, bulkier version which is brown in colour, with a built in power supply, and the newer 1541-II drive, which is beige, has a external power supply, and streamlined to match the Commodore 64C Computer. You'll find a range of 1541 Drives below. Be sure to check for the power supply (or IEC Power cable) and serial cable are supplied.

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