Commodore 64 Disks

Disks For The Commodore 64The Commodore 1541 Disk Drive allowed the use of floppy disk, rapidly speeding up load times in comparison to Tape based software. A C64 Floppy Disk had a whopping 170Kb of storage space per side. Often people used a 'Disk Notcher' or Hole Punch to enable the second side of the disk to be used.

A lot of software, games, and utilities were released on disk format for the Commodore 64, and you can still find a wide range available, both in physical format, and in online archives. Many people 'copied' disks, and thus there's a load of C64 Disk Collections out there that are made up vasty of copies. Whilst this was seen to be illegal, it was a common practice.

Today you can still purchase Disks for the Commodore 64 Be wary that being a magnetic medium, the age of these disks tends to produce a small failure rate. Try to find Disks in great condition, still in the box, in original format.

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