Commodore 64 Monitor

Monitor For The Commodore 64Whilst most people just connected their Commodore 64 up to a TV, others liked having a proper 'Commodore' Monitor.

The advantage to having a dedicated monitor for your Commodore 64 were many. Firstly, you didn't have to share the TV with anyone else. You could leave your C64 hooked up on a desk, connected to a monitor, without needing to move it.

Secondly, the image quality from a monitor was far better then the picture coming via the RF connector on the back of the C64. The Commodore Monitors brought Richer colours, static free picture and better image detail.

These days, C64 monitors are kind of rare. The Commodore 1702 is most common, however some people use a Commodore 1084 Amiga Monitor, which is a equal, if not better alternative. You'll still find them now and then at a local garagesale, but most of them have been snapped up by Commodore Collectors. However, there's usually a few available - Check out the listings below.

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