Commodore 64C Computer

Commodore 64C ComputerThe later edition of the Commodore 64, the Commodore 64C featured a new streamlined design, with beige colouring, a thin-lined back, and improved ventilation. Commodore updated the design of the original brown, bulky version of C64 to bring the computer in line with other computers being released. Commodore also updated their external floppy disk drive to the 1541-II, to match this design.

Internally, the circuitry is near identical, and thus compatibility is the same. There are two versions of the 64C - the difference being in the keyboard. Some keyboards have the unique 64 Symbols on top of the keys, other's have them on the front face. We have seen most of the Commodore 64C's being produced in Hong Kong, whilst others have come from Europe. The C64 version 'C' came with an beige external power supply, often called a 'Brick'.

You'll find a range of 64C below.

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