Commodore 64 DTV (Direct To TV)

Commodore DTVThe C64 Direct-To-TV is a compact, all-in-one Commodore 64 built within a Toy Joystick Device. Released by the Toy Lobster Company, this is basically a emulation of the C64 running on a ASIC chip.

On board you will find a range of games ready to be played. There are three different versions of the DTV and each has a different set of games. The DTV requires 4 AA Batteries, and has no external power supply input, however the DTV's circuitry can be designed to take one.

These units are popular with electronic hackers, as some versions can be hacked to take external keyboards, access memory cards, and more. The DTV was originally designed by Jeri Ellsworth, a cute & intelligent, die hard electronics chick who taught herself computer chip design.

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