Why the Commodore 64 Was So Popular

One of the main reasons why the Commodore 64 was so popular was because it didn’t need
any modifications to work. It simply needed to be plugged into a television and that was it. It was also sold in ordinary retail stores rather than specialised computer stores. This is partly what led to 30 million sales. It was the most popular home computer even to be created.


There were around 10,000 software titles available throughout the computer’s lifetime too. These included not only games but also development tools and office applications. It was the consoles flexible hardware that made it more popular than its competitors at the time.

One of the main competitors for the Commodore was the Atari in America. However this was much more expensive to purchase. The Commodore was affordable and it offered next generation graphics and sound quality.

Commodore 64c

The Sinclair Spectrum was another computer that the Commodore had to compete with in Europe. It seemed that the computer had a much more difficult time competing with the Spectrum due to the fact that the competitor was much more affordable.

The Spectrum cost almost half of what the Commodore was selling for. It cost £399 when it was first introduced, whereas the Spectrum cost just £175. Despite the cost difference however, the Commodore did still manage to regain its popularity and the Spectrum was discontinued in 1990.

The Graphics chip enabled 16 colours and it had scrolling capabilities. Many people don’t realise that the chip was actually capable of producing 120 different colours. It was just only officially supported for and engineered for 16 colours.

One thing that did baffle many owners of the Commodore 64 Computer was the fact that it said that it only had 38,911 bytes free when it booted up. The machine was supposed to come with 64,000 bytes. Half of this however was used internally for Basic Operating Systems.

On the whole, the Commodore 64 was definitely the best selling games console throughout the 80’s and the early 90’s. It can still be found today and many enthusiasts have one.